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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make this site?

We want to give you a Biblical, compelling vision of the glory of God, and spur you to fear and worship and trust and admiration. God is BIG – way, way, way bigger than you think. We know a lot of the material on BiggerGOD.com is new to most people, even Christians, but we hope you aren't overly offended by anything jarring. We really wanted to compile some important material about God that most people don't give attention to.

Are you associated with any other web site or organization?

We're not affiliated or orgazinationally connected with external links or the authors of the articles posted here. With the exception, of course, of being in the same Body.

How Do I Become a Christian?

Rob Schläpfer summarizes it well:

Get honest with yourself (and others) and admit
that you are a rebel before the God who made you —
the God who is there and has not been silent —
and that you deserve to be condemned by Him.

| conviction |

Turn away from your present manner of life —
your way of thinking, living, understanding.
Decide to live so as to please God alone —
not yourself — as He has revealed His will in His Word.

| repentance |

Ask God to forgive you personally
for all that you have done
that has violated His commands.
Receive personally the forgiveness
he freely offers
to those who put their trust
in Jesus Christ, His Son.

| faith |

Enjoy the peace that comes
from being right with God .
Jesus Christ has taken upon Himself
your just condemnation —
your sins have been accounted to Him,
even as his righteousness has
been accounted to you.

| justification |

Rejoice that you are now
called "Son" or "Daughter."
You are no longer a stranger
in your Father's household.
You are an heir — together with all
the faithful who have gone before.
Indeed, that inheritance has been sealed—
notarized — by the Gift of the Holy Spirit
who now indwells you.

| adoption |

Now, seek other family members,
that you might prepare for the great feast
that awaits us in the world to come.